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  I am honoured to serve the Modern English Education Society (MEESO) as its 9th president. Since its founding in 2000, MEESO has made an outstanding progress due to the dedication of former presidents and the continuous participation of all members. This society's journal, Modern English Education Society, is published four times a year and has been rated as one of the best journals registered at the Korean National Research Foundation.

  I am committed to promote the ideas and competence of our members who are in charge of English education for the continuous evolvement of our journal through which all members will be able to analyze the merits and problems of the English education system and share professional knowledge of teaching English.

  In addition, in order to maximize the effectiveness of English education, I plan to hold workshops for academic professionals on a regular basis. I also intend to create a forum for discussion in which members will be able to actively debate on the current issues of English education and search for possible solutions by holding national and international conferences.

Above all, I aspire to see the active participation of all members and pray for your health and academic achievement.

Thank you.

The Modern English Education Society
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