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The Modern English Education Society (the 'MEESO') was founded in 2000 as a professional academic body to connect English education theory with field education through a study on theory and method of English education field and to promote mutual friendship among members.

Serving as the 1st and the 2nd chairman, Dr. Hyun-Gu Lee (the Korea Nazarene University), has strengthened the basis of the Society. Past chairmen are as follows;
  • 1st president : Dr. Lee, Hyun-Gu (Korea Nazarene University)
  • 2nd president : Dr. Lee, Hyun-Gu (Korea Nazarene University)
  • 3rd president : Dr. Kim, Hyoungyoub (Korea University)
  • 4th president : Dr. Hyun, Taeduck (Andong niversity)
  • 5th president : Dr. Hyun, Taeduck (Andong niversity)
  • 6th president : Dr. Seong, Myeong Hee (Eulji University)
  • 7th president : Dr. Lee, Jae Keun (Korea National University of Education)
  • 8th president : Dr. Bang, Young Joo (Myongji University)
  • 9th president(Current) : Dr. Bang, Young Joo (Myongji University)
As a professional academic body specialized in English education with 600 regular members at present, MEESO holds domestic and international conferences every year and also publishes academic journals 4 times a year.

Since publication of the「Modern English Education」, an academic journal of the 'MEESO', was launched in 2000, it was selected as a registration candidate of the National Research Foundation of Korea in December 2006 and finally selected as a registration journal of the Foundation in December 2009 to become recognized as a high-quality expert journal. The journal was published 3 times a year up to the 11th volume in 2010 and it became quarterly published (4 times a year) from the 12th volume in 2011, and excellent study results have been published through this journal. The 10th anniversary commemorative issue was published in August 2010 and MEESO was financially supported by said Foundation for publication of a domestic journal.

MEESO has invited celebrated scholars at home and abroad since 2000 of its foundation with a help of education specialists and researchers who belong to respective educational institutions to hold a regular conference every year and thus, it has provided not only a forum for debate over English education but also an opportunity to promote friendship among members.
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